Report Problems

General Field Issues

Please email us at to communicate any field-related issues you notice or want to bring to our attention related to any of the following:

Common Area Landscaping

Recreation Center Clubhouse

Bar Code and Recreation Center Access Card

Gatehouse and Front Entry Gates

Other Field-Related Issues

Street Lights

For any and all issues related to street lights, including outages, and broken or dirty fixtures, please contact KUA. Click here for their form to report your street light issues.

Parking on the Street

Please contact Osceola County Sheriff’s office or Code Enforcement for issues related to vehicles parked on the street, including overnight, parked the wrong direction, or making it impossible to back out of your driveway.

Issues with Neighbors or Other Private Properties

Please contact the HOA office for all matters related to private property within Brighton Lakes. Click here for their website.

Additional Information

Please see Related Links for additional pages and links that may be of interest to you.