Common Area

Common Area Landscape Maintenance

One of the most obvious services that the District provides is landscape maintenance of all the common areas within Brighton Lakes. The District has a contract with Blade Runner Commercial Landscaping, Inc. to provide these services, which include mowing and detailing turf areas, pruning and fertilizing trees and shrubs, maintaining the common area irrigation system, pest control for all plant material, and trash removal.


The Board of Supervisors encourages all residents to take care when fertilizing, especially for properties that backup to ponds. The blooms of algae that the District is experiencing are the direct result of over-fertilizing and these nutrients getting into the ponds.

Treating these algae mats and blooms is a constant maintenance issue for District staff and we are limited in what we can use to treat those blooms pursuant to permits with other governmental agencies. If you have any questions about the types of fertilizer you are using or the quantity, please contact the District Office and speak with one of our field staff.

Key Benefits

  • Beautiful aesthetic presentation as soon as you drive into the community
  • Increased property values for everyone
  • Healthy plant material, free from disease and pests
  • Trees and turf are natural pollution reducers, including urban and noise pollution
  • One acre of trees can produce enough oxygen to keep 18 people alive
  • Tree planting reduces soil erosion and prevents rapid runoff of water and pollutants into streams
  • Three deciduous trees (one each on the southeast, southwest and west) can cut air conditioning costs 10%
  • Turf also helps replenish the oxygen by trapping particles like dust and smoke