Field Services

The District has a contract with Inframark, Infrastructure Management Services to provide Field Management Services for the Brighton Lakes CDD. Part of that scope of services includes managing the contractors who perform other common area maintenance activities, including the following areas.

Common Area

Common area maintenance items including irrigation, landscaping, roadways, and signage.

Recreation Center

Services include management of the on-site staff during the hours the recreation center is open, maintenance of the pool and clubhouse amenities, maintenance of the tennis courts and other park amenities, and issuance of access cards for the recreation center.


Services include management of the gatehouse personnel as well as issuing bar codes for the entry gates.


Maintenance activities include cleaning of nuisance aquatic vegetation and algae in the stormwater ponds as well as lake bank mowing around the ponds.

Street Lights

Please contact KUA directly for all issues related to street lights, including repairs, outages, or other street light issues.